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99% Invisible

99% invisible

Once again I was aiming to write one post and was yanked off course by another.

Do you want a podcast recommendation? Here it is: 99% invisible. I saw it come across the wire from Xeni on BoingBoing last week. It reminded me of an NPR version of the BBC’s In Our Time or QI.

Here’s the deal—We often forget about the unobtrusive parts of our lives, the things we see everyday and never really acknowledge. The things that you might not be able to describe to someone unless you had them right there in front of you. Without looking: How many windows in your office?

The shows look at how design, from architecture to language to everyday products, has shaped us and how we have chosen to shape it. 99% is all of that and more. It’s an immaculately produced set of soundscapes that tell intricate and intimate stories. The host Roman Mars1 has a casual, playful manner as well as a well disciplined yet immensely funny writing style.

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Bonus link. Check out John Lloyd, the executive Producer and creator of QI at TEDGlobal discuss how many things that just we don’t know. When you start adding up human knowledge it turns out that we really don’t know as much as we thought we did. And he remind me of my Dad. Fascinating.


1. Real name? I have no idea.

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